Piano Rental

Peninsula Piano Brokers' current stock of rental pianos and digital pianos numbers over 320 units. We have over 300 happy customers currently renting.

    Our Rental Program is as follows:

    Contract :

    • Month-to-Month (no 6 month minumum)

    Rates :

    • $35/mo to $125/mo for spinets, consoles, and studio uprights!
    • $75/mo to $295/mo for grand and baby grand pianos

    Delivery :

    • $125 each way for spinets, consoles and studios (5 or more steps up is extra)
    • $250 each way for grands and baby grands (no stairs)

    Special Offer :

    • Up to 1 year of rental charges may be applied towards the purchase of a piano. (*need not be piano rented)

    Overnight / Event rental pianos available. (Upright or Grand)

Piano Rental