New Pianos

Mason & Hamlin

Mason and Hamlin is America’s piano company- founded by descendents of Pilgrims from the Mayflower, these pianos have been the favorite instrument of both Maurice Ravel and Sergei Rachmaninoff. Mason and Hamlin produces only a few hundred pianos a year in Haverhill Mass. (outside of Boston) and every instrument features high quality raw materials like Renner hammers, Adirondack spruce soundboards, and all-solid wood construction. These instruments are famous for their great tone which comes from Mason and Hamlin’s patented design. Each grand has a full perimeter plate, added square inches to the soundboard, and a crown retention system which keeps the crown of the soundboard consistent for over a century.


Established in 1862 near Cincinnati, Ohio, Baldwin has always been one of the greatest names in pianos. We at Peninsula Piano Brokers are proud to be representing this new generation of Baldwin.

Traditional designs and built with modern technology make the new Baldwins one of the best musical calues in the market!

Uprights and Grands Available for Immediate Delivery