Peninsula Piano Brokers

Founded by Greg Wurm in 1987, Peninsula Piano Brokers buys, sells, trades, rents and tunes pianos of all kinds. Our inventory ranges from 75 to 85 pianos at any given time. Currently, 28 of these are grand pianos.

Peninsula Pianos StoreUnlike many piano stores, Peninsula Piano Brokers carries a variety of instruments manufactured across the globe. Our line of brand new pianos includes Baldwin, Schulze-Pollmann (German-Italian), and Mason & Hamlin (American), all pianos of the highest quality. We offer a selection of rare and vintage instruments, about which more can be found at our website (under "Used Pianos"). Also, we carry the Kawai line of new digital pianos

With a real musician's knowledge of all of the instruments in his store, Greg has helped thousands of people find the right piano for them (whether acoustic or digital, domestic or imported). He has sold nearly every brand of piano and is considered one of the most knowledgeable piano men in the country.